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We do not provide you with any standard solution, rather with a custom-made concept for your requirements. This is the only way to achieve maximum efficency and effectiveness. A minimum of expenditures with a maximum effect is what we aspire to, and of course you, too. For an optimal design of your future cleaning machine we need some pieces of information from you.

Please take a few minutes to answer all questions in detail. In case of any question, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please attach drawings or photos of the parts you have to clean.

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Which parts are to be cleaned?
Please enclose sample or drawing if possible.
Descriptionblind holes, hollows etc.
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What materials are the parts to be cleaned?
What is the throughput rate?
Of which kind is the soiling of the goods?
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Is a certain cleaning liquid requested?
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Which operation cycle follows the cleaning?
In whitch state must the goods leave the machine?
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Which operational mode is requested for the machine?
In which carriers are the goods to be cleaned found?
Are there already some existent you wish to use?
How is the loading/unloading process planned?
automatic conception desired
How much space is available for the machine
Which kind of current and voltage is available?
type of heating
Suction systems
(over the roof, cooled by cooling water or refrigerant)
To which average ambient temperature is the machine exposed?
Which kind of disposal is provided?
What filtration technique is already used?
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