Radish- and Potato Cutter RETTIMAT Profi for the catering branch

This gadget has proved itself in restaurants, beer cellars, canteens or beer gardens for many years. RETTIMAT Profi is mainly used to save time and costs in kitchens for the spiral cutting of radish, potatoes respectively fruits and vegetables. It can be used in different working areas, e. g. on the counter, on a table or on a working surface in the kitchen.

RETTIMAT Profi does not have to be installed permanently, however it can be fixed in such a way. The scope of supply does not include a collecting tray.


The cleaned fruits/vegetables (peeled, without greenery and stipes/stems) are put on a plate mounted at the radish cutter and they are fixed by a claw fastener at the drive motor. After loosening the arrester the fruits/vegetables are cut automatically in thin spirals by means of pressure on a cutting knife. The spirals then fall into the collecting vessel placed below or directly into a chip pan (which has to be provided by the client).

Advantages: Can be used for both fruits and vegetables / saves costs and time / uniform cutting results / suitbale for large-scale catering establishments / all-purpose

Specification - ca values

lenght width height weight design
650 mm 500 mm 950 mm 25 kg stainless steel

Media supplies

electric connection cable length
230 V 1,5 m