Cleaning Inspection Center - CIC one

New assembly and processing lines put ever more increasing demands on parts washer manufacturers. To address these needs, we have developed the first fully modular system for cleaning, deburring and inspecting parts with complex geometries.

With this solution, we are able to cover in detail a wide range of applications and obtain the best possible result for our customers. The CIC-one employs the latest robotics and control technologies, thus achieving a 360-degree deburring and cleaning of parts.

Technical processes

  • cleaning and drying (dry steam)
  • deburring (vacuum suction blasting)
  • final cleaning (CO2 snow blasting)
  • photo-optical inspection

Modular assembly groups

  • Pre-washing: spray-rinsing and dry steam
  • Cleaning/Rinsing: dry steam
  • Deburring: vacuum suction blasting
  • Cleaning/Drying: dry steam
  • Cleanliness inspection: photo-optical parts analysis
  • Particle removal: CO2 snow blasting
  • Leak Check


  • modular design and implementation
  • suitable for sensitive surfaces
  • environmentally friendly (water-efficient circulation system)
  • short cycle times
  • largely free of exhaust air
  • flexible cleaning and deburring processes
Gantry transfer system
Robot controlled handling
6+2 axis motion

For the first time in the 47-year history of our company, we have developed a modular system, which can be operated as a stand-alone as well as a combination of several modules. Due to this flexible design, we are able to offer comprehensive solutions to cover the complete process from prewashing, deburring to precision cleaning and inspection – individually designed to match customers’ needs.

A 6+2 axis drive is installed in each module which enables 360-degree deburring and cleaning of the parts. If requested, an additional module will then inspect and record the cleanliness of the deburred and cleaned parts. This is done in sync at cycle time speed by a photo-optical system.

Detected contamination such as chips etc. will then be removed by a CO2 snow blasting module with integrated suction removal. This ensures that only contamination-free parts leave the machine, eliminating the need for further testing. Additional modules for leak checks and condensate free cooling can also be integrated.

We paid special attention to reduce the energy consumption significantly and to introduce new technologies, which produce only a minimum of wastewater, while still achieving optimal cleanliness and testing results.

In total, we were able to prolong bath service life times to up to 1 year and to reduce the fresh water supply to below 1/10 of current supply volumes. A flowmeter permanently controls and records the condition of the cleaning medium. Compared to traditional parts washing machines of similar scope, we are able to cut energy consumption by 70 %.

Cleaning your parts with our CIC-one ensures a new level of cleanliness, which is tested, reproducible and resource-efficient.

Water tanks

Water is usually supplied by the customer’s supply grid and controlled via fill level indicators. Water and cleaning agents are refilled automatically. When using multiple tanks, water supply can be realized by cascade pumps on request. Media from the process zones is filtered and flows back into its respective tanks. All media tanks are made from stainless steel and are heat insulated.

Nozzle systems

  • spray rinsing

Spray rinsing is achieved by an adjustable Zippel focus nozzle with overspray prevention.

  • steam cleaning

Dry steam is applied to the surface by our specially designed Zippel dry steam de Laval nozzle, which accelerates the steam to supersonic speeds (Mach 2.5).

Closed circuits

All liquids are filtered and fed back into the cleaning circuit. The machine produces no wastewater.


Drying is achieved by using dry steam. Normal steam is heated up to approx. 300 °C and then applied to the parts surface at supersonic speed (Mach 2.5). The steam’s resaturation properties guarantee that the parts will be completely dry.

Technical fact sheet of a 4-chamber CIC-one machine for cleaning, deburring and checking of cooling plates

Dimensions (approx.)
Length Width Height Weight Number of chambers Cycle time
5.000 mm 2.800 mm 3.500 mm approx. 10 t 4 chambers 36 sec./pc
Water temperature Cleaning agents Automation Noise level Floor pan
approx. 40 °C Neutral media, glass pellets 4x Robots < 85 dB 2 mm in accordance with WHG
    4x Gantries    
Media connections
Clear water supply Compressed air Power supply
½", 3-4 bar 1", 6 bar 400 V, 50 Hz