Deburring Systems

Industry produces a virtually endless array of parts and assembly groups that have to be cleaned: from vehicle parts and gear and motor components all the way to the shell parts produced by the aviation industry. The deburring process is used specifically for removing flaky burrs and can be integrated in nearly every machine type in the form of brushes or high-water pressure systems. The pressure to be applied, the nozzle type and the cleaning methods are selected specifically to meet the requirements of the various components, materials, and residual dirt specifications. The layout of the nozzles and/or brushes facing the components is available in linear, static or robot-supported form. It is also possible, however, to have workpieces positioned by a robot right in front of firmly installed brushes or nozzles.

Technical description of both methods

  • High-water pressure deburring for complex geometries
  • Robot-supported application for complex contours
  • Linear systems for simple contours
  • Static application for serial parts
  • Robot-supported guiding of components along firmly installed nozzle systems

Positive characteristics of both methods

  • High throughput rates in series production
  • No retooling for the following process steps
  • Precise positioning of the workpiece next to the brush
  • Compact design
  • Suitable for nearly every ZIPPEL machine type
  • Interlinking with upstream and downstream systems possible

Brush deburring method


  • Motorized brush systems
  • Brush control via PLC
  • Suitable for simple geometries

Positive characteristics

  • Suitable for sophisticated deburring processes
  • Brushes may also be used for cleaning only, without deburring function

High-pressure deburring method


  • Multiple-piston high-pressure pump with peripheral equipment
  • Nozzle activation via valve control
  • Suitable for complex geometries
  • Suitable for combination within one machine (cleaning, high-pressure, rinsing, drying)

Positive characteristices

  • High-pressure technology, also usable without deburring function, for cleaning only