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    As a result of our extensive in-house production depth, we can offer our clients an innovative solution tailored to their needs through manufacturing our own systems. Such solutions are characterised by their outstanding quality,
    • Chamber Cleaning Systems ZK
      The well-established cleaning technique in our ZK-Series provides a cost-effective, technically mature solution for small quantities.
    • Through feed / Inline Cleaning Systems ZD
      The ZD Series is our innovative response to increasing quantities and diverse conveyor systems.
    • Rotary Transfer Cleaning Systems RT
      Equipped with the latest technology in robotics and engineering, this system guarantees the highest possible load factor and can be easily integrated into any production line.
    • Immersion Cleaning Systems ZT
      The ZT Series offers an ideal solution for both bulk goods and individual components.
    • Combined Spray-Immersion Cleaning Systems
      The Zippel APOLLO combines the advantages of a chamber system with that of an immersion system.
    • Special Cleaning Systems
      As a result of decades of experience in special machine engineering, Zippel is able to respond to the unusual requirements of our clients.
    • Deburring Systems
      The deburring process is used specifically for removing flaky burrs and can be integrated in nearly every machine type in the form of brushes or high-water pressure systems.
    • Gastronomy facilities
      • Gastronomy
        Time-tested and successfully used under the most demanding of circumstances: in restaurants, beer cellars, at folk festivals, in beer tents, cafeterias and canteen kitchens.
      • Rettimat-Profi
    • Periphery
      The Zippel Eco-Sep was developed in order to extend the service life of the cleaning mediums and thus reduce operating costs for filters and chemicals.
  • Technologies
    Zippel focuses on innovative and environmentally friendly technologies.
    • Technology Centre
      Zippel is based on state machine concepts and advanced methods of application.
    • Filtration
      The application of modern filtration technology is important for a continuous good cleaning result, high lead times and smaller disposal costs.
    • Automation
      Through our extensive portfolio of services, the customer receives a maximum of flexibility and at the same time process optimization, rationalization, increase machine utilization and reduce costs.
    • Eco Liquid Power
      Eco Liquid Power Concept stands for conceptual client solutions which combines ecology and economy in a forward leading way.
    • Energy Save Concept
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    Our assigned project team is at the client's disposal for consultation at all times during its development, production and assembly.
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      As one of the world‘s leading manufacturers we can review of over 40 years expierence in the field of industrial cleaning technology.
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