For the last 50 years, many of Zippel's innovations have been awarded and have redefined standards for water and air treatment. Such inventions combine ecology with economy in an exemplary way since they minimise current costs for energy, waste and recycling. Our systems usually operate within a closed circuit in all medium-conducting sectors. The closed water circuit does not drain wastewater out of the machine during operation, rather it flows back into the tank after it has been filtered or treated.

In order to reduce the costs for disposal of solid waste and minimize its quantities, there is an additional option to filter the discharged waste and discharge it as a concentrate.

Zippel has been developing such optimised systems for filtering, exhaust air treatment and water treatment with its suppliers for years. Closed, segregated curcuit systems are the decisive factor with regard to operating costs (chemicals consumption, water consumption, energy consumption, heating).

In order to increase the efficiency of our machines, we set great importance and value to energy-efficient planning and design of components used. As a matter of principle, our cleaning systems are equipped with an integrated base trough (in acc. with para.19 of the German Water Resources Act), including a leakage warning sensor, and therefore do not require a licence from the water authorities.